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Cultura e Mitologia / 03/10/2020

8 amazing Bob Dylan phrases to blow your brain

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8 amazing Bob Dylan phrases to blow your brain


The only person in the world who has been awarded an Oscar, a Grammy, the Globe

of Gold, the pulitzer and the Nobel, Bob Dylan is considered by many, and for me, the

most important composer of modern times. And as much as receiving

some of these awards don't mean much, being the only person in the

world to receive them all has its importance there.

But regardless, long before receiving this collection of awards,

Bob Dylan was already impacting the lives of millions of people with his music and

message that he passed through his letters.

Almost nothing Bob Dylan says is black and white or has an interpretation

exactly defined. He always made a point of not explaining the meaning of

letters to the press and, when possible, confuse even more.

But we’ll understand that better with eight great phrases that go: or change the

your life, or blow your head off or ... if you're lucky, both.

1. There is no such thing as success as failure and failure is not success at all


Nowadays one of the most propagated tips, whether by writers,

entrepreneurs or anyone who has achieved success is that no one

gets there without fail over and over again, but in that sentence Bob Dylan tells us

remember what most people forget to say: failure itself is not a success

in any way. Only when we learn failure do we go on

towards success.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and wait

different results, but there's more: this Bob Dylan phrase goes beyond, we live

in a society that values ​​failure, success is reprehensible.

Regardless of how this success manifests, people have

ashamed to show what they have achieved, they are proud of having little money,

few achievements, etc., and the population in general supports this behavior.

Let's think about that classic case of a guy who loves a band

unknown, and when it bursts and becomes famous, he stops listening because the

band became "modinha". The band was only good as long as it was a failure, so

that achieved success, lost its value. So failing you are

considered good, but we know that failure is not success, it is simply

failure, however glamorized it may be.

2. He who is not concerned with being born, is concerned with dying

This is undoubtedly one of Bob Dylan's most famous phrases. At the first

look many interpret what seems obvious, but that still surprises

that the moment we are born we are starting to die, which

doesn't look very good, especially considering the fear of death that it

brings up and that many people share. But what if she actually has a

much more uplifting meaning?

The moment we stop reinventing ourselves, that is, being reborn, we begin to

die. It is not death that we should be afraid of, it is self-indulgence,

stagnation. We cannot stand still, we must always be busy

to be born again, change, evolve, grow or else we will be busy

in dying.

3. You don't need a meteorologist to know which way the wind blows

You don't need anyone to tell you the obvious or what you can

find out for yourself. Yet many people look to others for a

form of approval and expect others to point them in the direction and

decide the paths they can and must decide for themselves.

And that phrase has a direct relationship with one of the most famous songs of

Bob Dylan, Blowin in the Wind, which was the first big hit right in the

beginning of his career, bringing a sudden explosion of fame when

they began to see him as a new prophet, a spokesman for his generation.

In Blowin in the Wind he asks several questions about the human condition

and says the answers are blowing in the wind, but he always refused the

titles of prophet, spokesman for his generation. So when he says that you

doesn't need a meteorologist to know which way the wind blows, he

says you have to find the answers blowing in the wind on your own and

don't expect him or any other mystical group, as we see a lot today in

day, bring the answers to you.

4. Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king

This is not exactly what we have been experiencing now, or rather, what we have been experiencing

since always? this timeless phrase by Bob Dylan is simple and raw: either you

steal enough to rule who will judge you, or you pay for your


We have almost a defendant tried in the second instance of Lava Jato being released by

week, for the simple fact that they reign over who determines their

own sentences. It is the way society operates and even though the word

king is used in the figurative sense, we can transfer that same maxim

for state power and for every time we have to pay taxes.

5. I was so much older before, I am younger now

The phrase is totally contradictory and the idea is precisely that. Bob Dylan

realized that he didn't age with time, but yes, it has rejuvenated,

leaving behind old ideas and absorbing, cultivating and developing

new ideas.

We can break the spell of time by living like this, without getting stuck in the

past, without clinging to ideas that are already overcome by pride,

accepting that defeats are nothing more than learning.

We live in a constant change, we are not what we were yesterday and very

less than we were last year, but we are not necessarily more

old. If we simply take into account that over time we leave what

it was old back and we opened up to the new, we can get more and more


6. To live outside the law you must be honest

Here we can understand that Bob Dylan made a pun on living outside the law in

legal and social sense. When so many things we disagree with are

imposed as laws by society, only someone very dishonest, with their

principles themselves manage to live well with it. Just someone very hypocritical

swallows all conventions and acts according to what others expect, and

even so it represents the vast majority of people. Are

extremely rare are those who have the courage to be honest enough to live

outside the law and challenge the environment you live in, go beyond the boundaries of what is

acceptable and break barriers that hinder growth until then. These are

honest outlaws that propel the world forward

7. Behind anything beautiful there is some kind of pain

I remember the first time I heard that phrase, I thought it didn't

I could be right, that I was too pessimistic, but then I started to think, and

the more I thought, the more true the phrase seemed. I could not

find no exception, so I understood that Bob Dylan's pessimism

was right, really behind anything beautiful there is some kind of pain.

But it was only after reviewing this phrase a thousand times that I realized that yes, it

it is the purest truth, but it is not necessarily pessimistic. It's just the truth

about the most beautiful things in the world are born, about the fact that the

suffering, even if inevitable, does not determine the outcome. Of suffering

most horrible victory can be born the most delicious, the most wonderful art and,

as an example, we have the song itself which this phrase was taken: Not Dark


8. Don't criticize what you can't understand

The perfect definition of a hater, one who criticizes what he cannot

understand, everyone deals with people like that. But even if the term is

again, that kind of people has always existed and Bob Dylan has dealt with them life

entire. He has always been questioned for his success, for his lyrics, for his

vocal ability, for its constant change of musical style, but left

this simple and straightforward answer: Don't criticize what you can't get


This is something that we should carry with us for a lifetime. Whenever we are

faced with something unknown, new, that challenges our

knowledge, we find ourselves face to face with our own ignorance and this

can be painful, so our tendency is to attack, but we can be

bigger than that, especially in the times of extremism that we live

today. If we don’t understand the speech that comes the other side, okay, no

we need to know everything, we can assume our own ignorance instead of

criticize the unknown, this is the only way to learn.

And however much we have come to an end, nothing begins or ends when

it’s about Bob Dylan, so I’ll end with a sentence of his own, which

shows that we probably don't hear and will never hear even half of what

he really would have to tell us:

“And if my dreams and thoughts could be seen, they would probably

they would put my head on a guillotine ”

But, lucky us that what he can show us without losing his mind, we already

we have enough for a lifetime of learning.

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